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Overview Of LED Strips
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Often the Polyimide pi base material produced flexible circuit board as the carrier, through the series-parallel circuit design post high-brightness LED light-emitting chip, coupled with the power supply and luminous program controller to achieve a variety of dazzling lighting effect LED lamp belt, called the LED soft light strip.

Due to the good mechanical properties of the flexible circuit boards, led soft light bars are arbitrarily bent, fixed in the concave-convex surface, widely used. Adopting reasonable process design and welding method can reduce the quality problems such as light strip, micro-brightness, flash break, and improve the stability of the product. Select the power of full, efficient, low consumption of LED chips and circuit boards to connect the way can effectively extend the lamp with controllable length, creating colorful light band world.

Widely used in three-dimensional light-emitting words, signboards, logos, advertising light boxes, car taillights, lighting, special costumes, handicrafts, mobile phone backlight, signal induction and so on.