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What led display system applications
- Mar 31, 2018 -

The led display is a screen that uses photoelectric display technology, video technology, multimedia technology, network technology, computer technology, and automatic control technology to design various indoor and outdoor environments and display various information elements. It uses dedicated controls. Technology for displaying texts, texts, graphics, images, animations, stock quotes and various multimedia information as well as television and video signals. It is a display screen composed of an array of LED devices, which has the advantages of high definition, bright colors, large viewing angle, stable operation, long life, and low power consumption. Thanks to the modular structure of the unit, the size of the screen body can be flexibly tailored to user requirements.

Led display system is widely used in government, military, finance, factories and mines, commerce, intelligent transportation, institutions, medical services, and sports stadiums. The main applications include:

1. Inquiries: Hospitals, post and telecommunications, industry and commerce bureaus, taxation bureaus, exit bureaus, insurance, courts, and government agencies.

2, shopping guide categories: hotels, shopping malls, beauty salons, commercial street, large supermarkets, trade fairs.

3, ticketing, data query categories: airline ticket office, international cruise ticket office, banks, stock exchanges, futures markets, libraries.

4, tour guides: parks, playgrounds, travel agencies, museums, memorials.

5, oriented categories: airports, docks, railway stations, office buildings, large-scale competitions.

6, publishing categories: newspapers, book publishers, real estate category CD-ROM.

Typical application system of led display:

1. Urban public information consultation system.

2, the government, enterprises and institutions reception service system.

3, industry and commerce, taxation, customs, banking and other industry business query system.

4. Utilities business inquiry systems such as post and telecommunications, utilities, etc.

5, large-scale shopping mall product information query system. The

6, hotel travel guide system. The

7, business center, intelligent building distribution inquiry system.

8. Talent market, labor market supply and demand information consulting service system.

9, exhibition, fair information query system.

10, hospital medical system query.