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LED lamps will gradually replace the traditional lighting fixtures
- Apr 27, 2017 -

With the LED energy-saving environmental protection and the concept of creativity spread more widely, from led commercial lighting to home lighting, enterprises have increased R & D to more powerful led to the vast market.

The rising LED lighting enterprises show that the LED is gradually influencing the consumer's traditional demand for lighting, from the LED energy-saving power to a variety of creative modelling, paving the wide range of LED applications. In the continuous iteration of the product and the exploration of user needs, accompanied by the establishment of a new LED lighting enterprise, will have more traditional lighting to the LED field.

LED industry prospects so broad, but the reality is so difficult, at this time, the enterprise to maintain a sober mind, grasp the direction of industry is particularly important.

Energy saving and environmental protection is the global advocate, led energy saving and environmental protection has been the country's attention, green awareness of environmental protection gradually into people's minds. At the end of the Yu Qingping Wind, a revolution in illumination is brewing ...