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Specification For LED Strips
- Mar 19, 2017 -

According to the luminous color of monochrome light band, monochrome dark ribbon, tri-Shade belt, colorful light belt;

According to size specifications are often 500mm*14mm, 500mm*10mm, 500mm*8mm, 500mm*7mm, 500mm*6mm, 500mm*5mm, 300mm*8mm, 300mm*6mm, 248mm*5mm, 248mm*4mm and other types of;

According to the whole package classification: Waterproof type, bare type;

According to the circuit board Surface Technology classification: OSP antioxidant type, sinking gold craft;

By circuit board other craft Category: Large area photosensitive White oil type, large area hot-solid white oil type, large area photosensitive Black oil type, large area hot solid black oil type.

Flex Light Bar. This is the English name of the LED soft strip, the meaning of the flexible ribbon. The Chinese led soft strip is the same thing, just a different name.