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New Product Release: Multi-direction LED Strip
- Sep 18, 2018 -

Wider Angle, Maximum Angle in limited space; Can be used to create a festive atmosphere.


Product feature

1.Multiple direction emitting for special case requiring wide beam angle.

2.Side-Side, Side-Top or Side-Top-Side emitting version optional.

3.Flexible for curving around bends and sticking to anywhere you want. 

4.Cuttable and linkable with 3M self-adhesive tape on back.

5.ONE-BIN-ONLY LEDs for different batches for the same customer.

6.Dimmable and compatible with most home automation/dimmers.

7.IP54~IP68 multiple waterproof levels optional.

8.3 or 5 years warranty. CE/ROHS/FCC approval by SGS.

9.Customizable for allowing freely design your project.