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LED Panel Lamp Installation Mode
- Apr 27, 2017 -

Suction Top Type installation: First in the ceiling dozen screw holes, and then the LED panel light sliding into the ceiling box mounted on the roof, fixed three sides. Then the panel light to the fixed sliding into the installation box inside, and then the fourth side to the screw fixed frame is good. Easy to save time.

Embedded Installation method: First installed on the ceiling plate metal groove, and then the LED panel on the rear of the lamp fixed a few outward prominent stent, and then put the panel lights into, so that the stent and the ceiling of the sheet metal groove, can be fixed on the ceiling. But because of various ceilings thickness, so need to adjust the height between the lamp surface and the bracket, otherwise will cause the LED panel lamp to install high or below the ceiling surface phenomenon.

Suspension (hoisting, ceiling) type of installation: The ceiling on the first fixed hanging wire installation, locking screws (hanging wire factory has been installed.) Hanging wire vertically down, hanging members on the rear of the LED panel lamp. Easy installation.