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LED Clean-cleaning Panel Lamp With Structural Use
- Apr 27, 2017 -

LED purification panel lamp structure:

1, Shell: The use of high-quality aluminum alloy, the surface of the anodic oxidation sand blasting special treatment, with anti-corrosion, dustproof, anti-static, rust-proof, non-stick dust, easy to clean and so on, long-term use of bright as new.

2, purification lamp shade: Use of impact resistance, anti-aging PS, milky white light soft, transparent color brightness is excellent. Products of strong corrosion resistance, shock resistance and so on. And the use of products is not easy to change color.

3, purifying lamp electric: LED purification panel lamp adopts external constant current regulator power supply, product conversion rate is high, no stroboscopic.

4, suction top-mounted installation: LED purification panel lamp adopts top-suction installation method, led purification panel lamp can lead screw and color plate fixation, product installation is reliable, that is, no damage to the strength structure of color plates, but also can effectively shade the dust from the installation into the clean room.

, LED purification panel lamp use: This led purification panel lamp is applicable to the pharmaceutical industry, bio-industry, electronics factories, food processing industry, such as the need to purify the area to use such purification lamp lighting.

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