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What is the difference between backlit and edge lit led panel light?
- Feb 28, 2018 -

These are two lighting solutions applied by panel light. 

Back-Lit LED Panel Light:

Back lit ceiling panel light works with the LED light sources at the  back of the panel. The light will project light forward across the full  scope of the light panel from the front. For back lit LED panel light, LEDs can be placed over a large area to  illuminate a light panel. Such LED modules is flexible, user-friendly,  and easy-to-repair.

Edge-Lit LED Panel Light:

edge lit LED panel lights are constructed with aluminum frame and light  panel. It uses high efficiency PMMA light guide plates and nano-grade  diffusers, which makes it optically energy efficient in lighting.  Moreover, since LEDs used in edge lit panel light are placed at the  edges, light is not straight-forward but re-directed to the viewing  surface, thus makes light output smooth and soft. And compared to back  lit panel light, edge lit LED panel light is thinner.