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- Jan 06, 2018 -

How to use the LED tunnel lights as the energy saving programs

Tunnels, warehouses, parking lots using high pressure sodium lamp for energy saving program can be replaced by LED tunnel lights, let’s look at the performance of LED tunnel lights:


◆ modular pluggable technology, easy on-site maintenance;

◆ cellular structure of the heat dissipation and the entire cooling technology, and efficient heat dissipation;

◆ Double coupling IP68 protection, ultra-efficient waterproof rating;

◆ “Ultra Robust” module technology, single LED damaged does not affect other particle currents;

◆ constant current drive power;

◆ ergonomic light distribution, uniform road lighting;

◆ freedom serialized, full-power solutions.


LED tunnel lights enjoy a great popularity in tunnels, warehouses, parking lots

Saving computing

◆ 75W LED tunnel lights instead of HPS 150W ◆ 110W instead of 250W HPS

◆ 145W instead of 250W                 ◆400W HPS replaced by180W LED tunnel lights

◆ 215W LED tunnel lights instead of 400W ◆400W HPS replaced by 250W LED tunnel lights

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