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LED panel Light Parts
- Apr 27, 2017 -

1, Panel lamp aluminum frame:

LED heat dissipation is the main channel, the appearance of simple generous, can use ZY0907, the use of die stamping die low cost, processing costs are low; die-casting aluminum frame IP level can be one points high, the surface texture is good, the overall beautiful, but the early investment of the cost of the mold.

2, LED light source:

Usually LED lamp beads are used 3528, also someone uses 3014 and 5050. 3014 and 5050 low cost, the light effect is slightly worse, the key is the light guiding dot design difficulty. 3528 light Efficiency high universality.

3, LED light Guide plate:

The side LED light through the dot refraction to make light from the positive, the guide plate is the LED panel lamp quality control point. Dot design is not good, see the overall light effect is very poor, generally will appear on both sides of the middle light, or appear in the light has a light belt, or visible local dark area, or the emergence of different angles of brightness inconsistent. To improve the light effect of the guide plate mainly rely on the design of the DOT, followed by the quality of the plates, but no need to superstition the first-line brand-name plates, the transmittance between the plates is usually comparable. The general small LED lamp factory is directly to buy public light guide plate use, do not need to redesign the design, more manufacturers use the public version of the quality is usually qualified.

4, LED diffuser board:

The light of the guide plate is even exported, but also can play a fuzzy dot function. Diffusion plates generally use acrylic 2.0 of the sheet or PC material, almost is PS material, acrylic low cost and light transmittance than the PC is slightly higher, acrylic brittle anti-aging performance is weak, the price of PC is somewhat expensive, but the anti-aging performance is strong. The diffuser can not see the dot after loading, and the transmittance is about 90%%. Acrylic transmittance in 92%,PC for 88%,PS probably also 80%, we can according to the demand for diffusion plate material selection, most manufacturers are using acrylic materials.