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How many LED strips can you connect?
- Jan 16, 2018 -

Basically, if you go looking for LED strips, you'll notice they have a maximum length of five meter. The reason for this, is that the circuits of LED strips often can't take more than the combined current of the LEDs over this five meter. When you make LED strips longer, by connecting them, the circuits might burn.

If you want to go beyond five meter, you can do this by mounting several strips next to each other. You'll have to connect them to the power supply in Parallel. Keep in mind that the combined power of the LED strips should never exceed the maximum of your power supply.

For example:

Under a 7 meter long bar, we're going to install an LED strip of 9.6W per meter for 24V DC. This means you'll have a total power of 67.2W (7 times 9.6W). This also means you'll need a power supply with a maximum higher than 67.W.