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How do we choose LED strips for home decoration?
- Jan 02, 2018 -

How do we choose LED strips for home decoration?

Initially, LED light strips are commonly associated with holidays and parties where they are used as outdoor decor. With the changing times, it has come to light that light strips make great decorations for any room. The small lights add a moody and soft lighting effect that is easy on and appealing to the eyes. We’ve gathered up various ways to decorate your rooms with these lights and impress any visitors who come by. While normal fairy lights and Christmas lights are a staple for any household occasion, light strips are the new modern trend. They bring a touch of class and draw attention to anything that you happen to line them with.

For living rooms

Living rooms play a crucial role when it comes to making an impression to your household guests. This is the place where you’ll be holding and entertaining them for the longest period of time, and should therefore be one of your best looking rooms in the house. If you have a flat-screen television mounted on your wall, try to line the back of your television with the LED strip lights to draw attention to it, even if it’s off! Continue to accent the room by adding the lights to the back of any furniture. Whether the back of your sofa or underneath your coffee table. While watching a movie with the lights off you’ll notice the soft backlighting provided by the LED so you’re not entirely surrounded by the dark. Keep things looking exciting and moody by using an RGB LED strip. This way, you don’t have to stick to the traditional bright white lighting. Choose from cooler colors like blue, violet and green to offer a futuristic and masculine looking living room.

For the kitchen

You don’t have to limit yourself to simply keeping your living room looking neat, as led strip add some aesthetic boost to kitchens as well. This room is what traditional white LEDs are best suited to. To have indirect ceiling lighting, place the strips around the edges of your ceiling. While not meant to be a direct source of light to have on while using your kitchen, leaving the LED on when the kitchen is not in use takes your home a modern step further. If you have shelves or a pantry with glass doors, add the white light strips to the lining of your cabinets to showcase the items inside. If you have fine china and other wares that you feel like showing off, this will definitely help.

For the bedroom

No household would truly be well-decorated until you’ve finished fixing up your bedroom. Now decorating this room depends entirely up to your tastes and preferences. LED lights come in varieties of colors, but it is recommended that you go for one tone. For example, warmer tones include yellows, oranges and reds while cooler tones would be blues and greens (as mentioned above). These lights are most commonly seen along the bottoms of beds and backs of dressers. Be creative and use them along the edges of your windows or door frames!

With the rise of modern and minimalist houses comes the popularity of the simple LED lights being used in household decor. Creativity is key in deciding where to install your lights, but there are general suggestions to follow if you’re the traditional type. A secret tip is to keep your lights where shadows tend to form; this includes room corners, behind and underneath furniture. However, remember not to overdo it. Interior designers are the best to consult if ever you are unsure of installing the lights around your home alone.

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