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How do I import some critical components for led lights for manufacturing in India?
- Jan 20, 2018 -

Dear Friend,


The Major components in LED Lighting are as below


1.) LED Chip/Module


2.) LED Housing


3.) LED Driver


4.) LED Lens / enclosure


Out of this you need to Import the LED Chip from China /Taiwan & procure the LED Lens can be bought from good Local/ international suppliers


For LED Driver ,you can procure the same locally from Mumbai /Pune /Delhi suppliers ,for LED Housing you can import the same from China ( Good quality at very competitive pricing ) ,there are also good suppliers for LED Housing in Mumbai


I would say a good starting point for getting into LED Lighting business would be to visit couple of LED Lighting fairs/exhibition ( Like LED Expo 2016 ) etc where you can visit many suppliers /manufacturers from whom you can procure all the raw materials for LED Lighting.


All the Best !