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Explain the important role of LED display in the stage performance
- Mar 24, 2018 -

The emergence of LED display screen is one of the symbols of an era's progress. Its appearance not only reduces the cost of people's access to information, but also plays a decorative role in the urban construction environment, and can bring different beauty to the city.

With the continuous development of society, the development of display screens has entered a peak period, and the application range has become more and more extensive, and its application areas are constantly expanding. It has penetrated into all aspects of our lives and has become an important part of life. It not only provides us with fast information channels, but also brings us the beauty of the visual effects.

Nowadays, people are not only pursuing material, but also have a greater spiritual improvement. With the improvement of life, people’s viewing requirements for various types of performance activities have been continuously improved. The traditional traditional stage effects, which used to be a single form of expression, have been unable to meet the viewing needs of the audience. In this context, the stage screens have entered. People's attention, with its colorful, colorful patterns and other advantages of its own to meet people's requirements for the application of dance.

So today we have come to understand what it plays an indispensable role in the performance activities:

The first major role: to create a colorful background effect.

It is well known that in the past, since the LED display screen was not applied to stage performances, the stage backdrop was most often used as a curtain, and this type of curtain was static, so the scenes that could be presented were very limited. In previous impressions, each time the performance began, there were behind-the-scenes staff who were responsible for pulling the prelude, and then the actors performed modeling after the curtain to correspond to the contents of the performance. This is an early stage scenario application.

Until then, the emergence of LED displays, this situation has only improved, but in the early stage, the use of the stage screen features a single, instead of setting functions, in order to show video data, as the main role of the curtain. However, with its application to a certain stage, its functions have become more complete and its role on the stage has become more prominent. Not only does it serve as a stage backdrop, its flexible and varied images are integrated into the program, giving viewers different visual effects.

The second major role: to achieve changes in light and shadow and enhance the atmosphere of the show.

As in the traditional stage performances, the actor is moving and the background is static. Such a static motion makes the actor's performance bring the most intuitive feeling to the audience. However, the background cannot bring beauty to the audience.

But with the application of LED display, the picture it creates is exquisite and realistic, more impactful than the actual scenery, and by playing the matching picture with the program, and then with the corresponding music, in order to contrast the atmosphere of the scene . This will allow the audience to obtain more sensory experiences outside the performance, which will in turn influence the psychological changes of the audience and make the audience feel immersive. The distance between the audience and the actors is closer and deeper communication is achieved.

The third major role: to achieve a situation of a unified and flexible dance scene.

In today's stage performances, different programs need different scenes to match, so the traditional scenery obviously can not achieve such a functional effect, and the biggest advantage of the LED stage screen is precisely its flexibility.

Because of its clearer picture, the performance is more stable. Not only can you achieve more flexible scene changes and the completion of the momentary screen switching; but also can achieve any display effect through technical means. The clear display of screen images and rich and colorful contents as well as realistic background effects not only bring beautiful enjoyment to the audience, but also bring out the superb acting skills of the actors.

Nowadays, in various types of concerts, evenings, and performances, LED stage screens can create a good stage atmosphere and vividly represent dreams, technology, markets, fashion, and other concepts, and thus play a part in stage performances. Indispensable important role.